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The Land and Planning Consultancy was established to provide landowners with the opportunity to promote and realise the value of their land without risking their own money to do so. We believe there are many land owners who would like to release value from their land but who may be unwilling to speculate large amounts of their time and money. The work we undertake is a free upfront service to land owners and in return we take a fee when the land is sold. The financial risk and outlay is entirely ours. The benefit to you is that you can only gain money by using our service.

We have extensive experience and local knowledge across the West Country on a range of sites from single unit sites within an existing garden to multi acre large scale developments. We approach all potential schemes in the same professional way and on the same no cost to the landowner basis. We have many successful projects to our name and an equal number of happy landowners. A few examples are shown below or please see our successful projects for a more extensive list.

Successful projects showing profit generated for the landowner

Broadway Road, Newton Abbot

Planning gain: £250,000

obtained planning permission for two three bedroom bungalows on side garden.

Martinique Grove, Barton Torquay

Planning gain: £400,000

difficult history, obtained planning permission for 5 modest bungalows and access road.

Heathfield Close, Bovey Tracey

Planning gain: £100,000

on large front garden for detached three bedroomed bungalow.

Denbury Newton Abbot

Planning gain: £500,000

3 executive detached houses with the owner retaining one plot for themselves. The remaining 2 plots were sold.

Land off Moorhayes, Bovey Tracey

Planning gain: £300,000

permission obtained for two attractive three bedroom bungalows.

Kingsteignton Road, Newton Abbot

Planning gain: £150,000

vehicular access and complicated issues relating to neighbour. We obtained planning permission for two bungalows with pedestrian access only.

Rewe, Nr Exeter

Planning gain: £80,000

bed pillows

dispute was prohibiting development. Once involved we negotiated with both parties, allowing implementation of planning for a large 4 bedroom bungalow.

Woodbury Park, Axminster

Planning gain: £110,000

obtained for 2 additional terraced properties on a large side garden. Both plots were sold for the owner.

Preston, Paignton

Planning gain: £700,000

was not viable for renovation. A careful design was needed to optimise land value. Approval was gained for 10 new flats.

Countess Wear, Exeter

Planning gain: £200,000

in a superb location. Permission gained for demolition and replacement with a new detached house.

Littleham, Exmouth

Planning gain: £750,000

by us on behalf of a client; we gained detailed planning permission for 10 detached houses in a timely manner, expedited by our local knowledge.

Dartmouth Rd. Paignton

Planning gain: £175,000

was gained for a large detached bungalow in a back garden and the land was sold.

Franeth Close, Kingsteignton

Planning gain: £425,000

vacant field within the town. We acted on behalf of the owner to gain planning for a select cul-de-sac of 5 bungalows.

Whipton, Exeter

Planning gain: £95,000

this 2 bedroom semi-detached bungalow was acquired and renovated. We also obtained planning permission for a modest bungalow in the garden.

Broadfields, Exeter

Planning gain: £70,000

had a side garden which the owner could no longer manage.  We were able to obtain planning permission for an additional detached bungalow and sold the plot for the owner.

Dawlish, South Devon

Planning gain: £80,000

approval for a very large house on a fairly small site but due to the high build cost of such a big unit and the re-sale value on a small site the project was not viable. We applied for a modest bungalow which suited the size and maximised the re-sale value against build cost.

Newton St Cyres, Nr Exeter

Planning gain: £160,000

had been refused permission for a large modern detached house. We gained approval for 2 semi-detached thatched cottages that were sympathetic to the surrounding area.

Lapford, Mid Devon

Planning gain: £45,000

outline planning permission. We cleared the site, removed some soil and obtained detailed planning permission for a 4 bedroom house.


Planning gain: £200,000

land with difficult access issues due to topography. Planning application made and after lengthy negotiation planning obtained for three units.

Coledridge Cl, Ottery St Mary

Planning gain: £80,000

an investor who rented this property out, we obtained planning permission on the side garden which was not being maintained by the tenant. Permission was granted for a detached house and the plot was sold for the owner.

Cowley, Exeter

Planning gain: £45,000

permission for a detached house but was struggling to sell even far below the market value. By simply making a minor amendment to the plan the plot more than doubled in value and sold to the first viewer.

Goodrington, Paignton

Planning gain: £750,000

fairly run down public house requiring some re-invention. In a popular location close to the beach planning was obtained for 26 houses.

St Thomas, Exeter

Planning gain: £120,000

planning permission for 2 semi-detached houses in the garden. We gained approval for 2 detached houses instead which significantly enhanced the value.

Abbrook Avenue, Kingsteignton

Planning gain: £75,000

modernisation, had a dilapidated conservatory and a corner plot garden. We removed the conservatory giving room in the garden for an additional detached bungalow. The existing bungalow was renovated and sold and the new bungalow was built in the garden.

Vansittart Dr, Exmouth

Planning gain: £65,000

with room on the side for an additional dwelling. Permission was granted for an attached unit in keeping with the area.

The Avenue, Newton Abbot

Planning gain: £90,000

the centre of the town was transformed when planning permission was granted to turn it into 3 highly sought after houses in such a town centre location.

Moorhayes, Bovey Tracey

Planning gain: £450,000

another street we were able to obtain planning permission for 2 large detached houses on this large former back garden which otherwise could not have been developed.

Axminster, Land Dukes Way

Planning gain: £875,000

which the owner and his agent believed to have a ransom strip at the access. We demonstrated that the ransom did not exist and the land was sold for a significant gain.

Further projects given on request