The Land and Planning Consultancy was established to provide landowners with the opportunity to promote and realise the value of their land without risking their own money to do so. We believe there are many land owners who would like to release value from their land but who may be unwilling to speculate large amounts of their time and money. The work we undertake is a free upfront service to land owners and in return we take a fee when the land is sold. The financial risk and outlay is entirely ours. The benefit to you is that you can only gain money by using our service.

We have extensive experience and local knowledge across the West Country on a range of sites from single unit sites within an existing garden to multi acre large scale developments. We approach all potential schemes in the same professional way and on the same no cost to the landowner basis. We have many successful projects to our name and an equal number of happy landowners.

Meet The Team

Lance Downes

With 40 years of experience to his name Lance is very well placed to offer strategies and suggestions on a wide range of planning issues. Having held positions in a variety of different development sectors over the years he now amalgamates all of this knowledge to provide the most strategic and valuable schemes to suit each development challenge. With an enviable track record of success and a genuine passion for his subject he embraces each project with real enthusiasm. He relishes each opportunity to create a credible and worthy development proposal and to see it through to conclusion, working alongside professionals and individuals alike.

Gary Moore

Gary has worked within the construction and property development industry for 35 years and specialises in the production of information required to successfully bring development projects to fruition. With a keen eye for presentation and a skill in the production of drawings and computer generated images Gary understands the importance correct presentation plays in the success of a development project. He coordinates the many specialists required to bring projects together and produces optimal development schemes for each site, carefully balancing success in obtaining planning approvals with the maximisation of land values.


I was very pleased with the way things went with the land deal I did with LPC.

I initially responded to an advertisement they had placed in a local newspaper, entitled ‘Unlock the Value of your Land’. I had suspected for some time that my garden might be large enough and have some development potential. Lance confirmed that it did and set out a strategy on design, costs and how to get planning consent; we agreed a time frame and LPC pretty much dealt with everything from then on.

Planning approval was fairly swiftly forthcoming and the deal went through as agreed.

I have already recommended LPC to a colleague of mine and they are now working together to secure planning permission. I’d not hesitate to recommend them again.”

S Morgan

“I was introduced to Lance via a local estate agent and worked with both Lance and Gary over an extended period of time to secure a detailed planning consent for three properties on land owned by my family in our village. With their help I went on to self-build my own property as part of the deal, and even became involved in this side of things too. The whole process was difficult and fairly complex however we successfully worked together to complete the project and I now live in my lovely new house and I couldn’t be happier.  I don’t think I would have achieved what I have without their help. Lance and Gary managed to achieve the planning approval we needed and organised the whole process, offering endless advice on all aspects of this difficult project. Gary produced some wonderful computer generated images which gave me a real feel for how the finished project would look. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone looking for help with planning or development related issues.”

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“I first came across Lance and Gary when I had some garages for sale. I was looking to sell them and had actually got a planning approval for a large house, Lance realised that it was not really an optimum planning approval and so made a revised application for a much smaller, but far more valuable property and I sold the land quickly and made a better profit than I had hoped for. There were many legal complications, particularly in relation to ownership of the access road, however they sorted them out and got the deal across the line. I would be very happy to recommend them, they have a relaxed approach that is easy to work with.”

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“I owned some steep land that I was unable to access because I needed to cross other people’s land in order to get access to it. Lance was introduced to me by a mutual friend and I started working with him and Gary.  There were quite a few issues to resolve so I gave them a reasonable time period to try and sort out them out. It did take a long time however they managed to get planning permission for seven houses on my land with maybe one or two more still to come. They also managed to negotiate the access arrangement with the adjoining land owners so that the planning permission they got could be implemented. I am pleased to get the payment from selling the land. There have been many obstacles to overcome but thanks to LPC it all got sorted out.”

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“I have had a good working relationship with the guys at LPC and have enjoyed how our business relationship has worked. The guys at LPC are always looking for the next thing and how to get the best out of it; they are able to bring a significant depth and range of experience to any issue involving development. They can often solve difficult and expensive problems in order to achieve good commercial planning approvals.”

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“I had a large garden of about half an acre in the centre of town that I no longer used. I was introduced to Lance many years ago and decided to give him a call. We decided to split the land into smaller parcels and apply in stages for planning on each and, I have to say, this strategy worked as planning was granted in every instance. The properties that have been built are in keeping with my existing property and the surrounding properties too, in fact I think they improve the look of the area from the overgrown unused garden that it was. I also have lovely pleasant neighbours and am very pleased with how things worked out.  I would happilyrecommend this company who really take the time to get things right for all concerned.”

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“Many years ago I agreed a conditional contract with Lance and Gary on a small parcel of land owned by my family. There were some issues to overcome in relation to the planning application however these were sorted out and they obtained planning approval for five bungalows. The contract moved along as agreed and the deal was concluded satisfactorily. I am currently working with them again on a larger area of land and am optimistic that planning approval will be forthcoming. I do not have any issue recommending them to other landowners.”

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“I am a land director at a regional housebuilding company and I’ve known Lance for many years. I was pleased to get a call from him suggesting that we meet to discuss land owned by the development company I work for but for which we had no use. He had negotiated with an adjoining landowner and wanted to use our land as access. We managed to agree the deal and terms for payment and then went to contract. I was very pleased with how it all went, we got paid for something that held no value for us and I would not have an issue recommending Lance and LPC to anyone.”

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