The local planning policy relating to land in your area will be set out in the relative local plan and it will be this document, and the specific planning policies that it contains, that the planning authority will refer to when determining a planning application.

The local plan can have a big influence on the potential that land has for development and it is therefore important to have a clear understanding of what it contains. The local plan is updated every 5 years and within this timeframe there are consultations that take place that must be fully understood when presenting land as available and ready for consideration. There is almost always competition between landowners looking for allocation of development on their site and being able to demonstrate the land being proposed is available and able to be delivered is a crucial factor.

With so many policies to consider, it can be a daunting process. If you would like help understanding the local plan in your area and what to do next then please give us a call at Land and Planning Consultancy and we will offer our opinion and suggest a strategy for you.