Regardless of what type of land you own it is likely to be a very important asset.  Whether you have surplus farm land, a country estate, a large garden that is too big to cope with, grazing land or paddocks you will probably need to get involved with the planning system if you are looking to maximise the value of your land. The difference in value between land without planning permission and land with planning permission for development can be huge and a truly life changing sum of money. Whatever your long term intention it is fairly important to keep an eye on the most effective way of reaching the optimum value for your land. It is necessary to consider its value now, because if a planning approval is needed to reach the highest levels of value, it will not happen overnight. You can’t really start too early as the planning system within the United Kingdom is bureaucratic and a slow to operate process.

If you do not have experience of dealing with the planning system it can be difficult to know where to start or who to ask. This is where the Land and Planning Consultancy can help. With a lifetime of experience and a track record of success we are well placed to give advice and offer a strategy to get the best value out of your land. If the circumstances are right and your land ticks most of the right boxes, or has the potential to, we will work with you to progress the property to the point where that valuable permission can be issued. By working with us it is a risk free process for the land owner as normally we share a percentage of the sale value without any upfront fees.

Selling for development is often a once in a lifetime opportunity and requires very careful consideration and deliberation in order to ensure the return is optimised. We at LPC have successfully helped many landowners through this journey and we would be delighted to have a discussion with you to explain how we might be able to help you.