A very good start point to help evaluate the answer is the Local Planning Guidance Note no. 21 – space around dwellings which states that new houses should benefit from a satisfactory degree of privacy and daylight and that the residents of existing houses should also not be unduly affected by the development.

To achieve this, minimum separation distances should be maintained between houses, and in particular, between windows lighting habitable rooms. Habitable rooms include living rooms, bedrooms, studies and kitchens. They do not include halls, stair landings, passageways and utility rooms.

Specific distance and space requirements are provided for different case scenarios. This includes things such as which rooms are facing each other, slope of the ground, size of the property, garden and parking provision to name a few. It needs to be interpreted in relation to each specific site.

Whilst the guidance notes are just that, guidance, it is important to understand how to effectively apply that guidance and relate it to your land to give you the best chance of obtaining a planning permission. More specifically, a permission which makes the best use of the land is likely to optimise its value, and consequently generates the highest return for you. We have completed this exercise successfully for clients many times over the years as can be seen from link to xxxx. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your land and development proposal without obligation.